Case Study: Bingemans

Bingemans is a water park and entertainment facility
in Kitchener, ON.

Case Study

A premium hospitality organization that provides multiple services to the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and beyond.

Kitchener, Ontario



Executive Summary

As a multi-use facility with the largest convention centre, a multi-use entertainment centre and camping resort, Bingemans constantly requires maintenance in various parts of their parks. They have found that using Preemptive’s software increases their ability to stay on top of upkeep and resource their staff appropriately. The mobile case features means any member of their staff can create a work order on the grounds in real time.

  • Increases efficiencies for staff and maintenance crews
  • Enables tracking and accountability of work orders
  • Keeps the facility equipment up and running for guests

The Situation

Prior to using Preemptive, a multichannel network was used which proved to be ineffective to achieve their corporate operational goals. They were spending too much time tracking paper and not enough time on solving their maintenance needs.

As a multi-use complex their business is affected with every equipment maintenance need that goes unaddressed. In order to maintain the high level of service Bingemans requires, maintenance staff must perform at the most efficient and highest level possible. The ability to hold staff accountable and measure effectiveness was a pressing need, as was controlling costs and resourcing appropriately across the facilities.

Using Preemptive

The mobile case/work order features in Preemptive have streamlined their processes completely, going from zero tracking to full accountability. The ability to capture photos of an issue in real time on-site and report it immediately via the mobile app has changed the speed repairs are completed which increases customer satisfaction.

The centralized system enables management to stay on top of employee effectiveness and has reduced complaints from field staff that items were reported but not followed up on and completed.


By implementing and regularly using Preemptive they have seen a dramatic increase in efficiency for the logging of maintenance issues and repair statuses. As well, they have continued to see response time improve and transparency in resourcing.

thumb_01_120_120“Our use of Preemptive has not only made us more effective and efficient in our facilities operations, but is has made the process for our managers so easy via the use of their smart phones that they have far greater ownership in the upkeep of their locations, and are seeing faster response times.”

“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. “

Mark Bingeman

President, Bingemans