Get Ahead. Get Preemptive.

Entertainment Facilities

Stay ahead of multiple facility requirements and keep your business running smoothly.

Assign and track maintenance needs

  • Create cases and alerts as they happen
  • Update and add notes per case
  • Aggregated and detailed views

Manage multiple locations easily

  • Assign levels of access across facilities
  • Create team requirements per location
  • Manage priorities and tasks within teams

Real time updates from the field

  • Create cases via mobile as they occur
  • Notifications as status changes
  • Report issues that require additional attention

Scorecards to increase efficiency

  • Develop detailed requirements for critical tasks
  • Enable scoring system to promote compliance
  • Reward high performing teams

Our use of Preemptive has not only made us more effective and efficient in our facilities operations, but is has made the process for our managers so easy via the use of their smart phones that they have far greater ownership in the upkeep of their locations, and are seeing faster response times.

Mark Bingeman

President, Bingemans

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