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Facility Management

Manage your facilities with ease and accountability with centralized, robust and intuitive software.

Manage multiple teams and facilities

  • Assign access privileges and team leads
  • Keep track of outstanding issues by facility location or assigned personnel
  • Create primary and sub locations based on your business requirements

Track outstanding issues and status in real time

  • Mobile application allows access to your data on-the-go
  • Enable notifications to keep track of progress and completion
  • Access various assignments across facilities remotely

Create and update cases from the field

  • Allow field teams to create cases as issues arise
  • Add photos, location information and details on the spot
  • Complete cases remotely and move on to the next assignment

Make sure procedures are followed across facilities

  • Create checklists to manage processes with consistency
  • Accountability for completion is documented and transparent
  • Standardization removes barriers and reduces redundancy

Our use of Preemptive has not only made us more effective and efficient in our facilities operations, but is has made the process for our managers so easy via the use of their smart phones that they have far greater ownership in the upkeep of their locations, and are seeing faster response times.

Mark Bingeman

President, Bingemans

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