Case/Issue Tracking

When unexpected things happen and you need to resolve them quickly just take a picture with your phone, add a brief description of the issue, and assign to someone in your organization to take action.

Preemptive offers secure issue tracking for Hospitals and other Healthcare providers.

Create and manage custom issue/case types, so you can easily differentiate between different types of cases.

View a timeline of the progression of your case or issue to see who worked on it, when, and what tasks were completed. You can even see picture proofs progression on an issue.

Manage cases on the go with our iOS or Android mobile application

Customized Checklists

You can create a customized Checklist or Scorecard that allows you to check in on a patient or provide a standardized process for Healthcare providers to follow.

Create customized checklists that meet your specific needs.

Assign checklists to locations or even resources.

Schedule recurring checklists to be performed at specific intervals by dedicated team members.

Attach photos and comments to checklists for extra details.

Resource Management

Keeping track of all organization resources or equipment can be a hassle. Stay on top of who has a piece of equipment checked out and when, where it is located, and when maintenance needs to be performed.

Use a calendar feature to book your company resources or equipment.

Keep track of where resources are located by specifying location.

Submit cases or attach checklists to resources to make sure they are always in proper working order.


If you have a large organization with many teams, easily reflect that in Preemptive. You are in control of who is able to see what information.

Create any number of teams.

Restrict access by location, resource, or checklists.

Create managers to oversee team operations.

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