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Easily oversee and manage your healthcare facility, ensuring the safety and
well-being of your staff and patients.

Outpatient Support

Patient Check-ins

Enable healthcare and social workers to track patient progress, and plan accordingly.


Instant Patient Feedback

Quickly evaluate patient status and well being with easy to use tools for risk and health assessment.

Complete Transparency

View any outstanding cases or follow ups and receive real-time patient updates or other important notifications regarding your facility.

Healthcare Facility Management

Manage Downtime

Prioritize repairs, build maintenance schedules and assign repair personnel as needed.

Reporting & Real-Time Tracking

Get real-time notifications as they occur, and easily streamline communications to colleagues, partners and stakeholders.

Increased Effeciences

Quickly create checklists and scorecards to ensure facility standards are met and maintained.


Maintain Critical Records

Capture critical data that is mandatory for reporting and dispute resolution.

It was a very lucky day for Stonehenge Therapeutic Community when we met with Joseph Puopolo of Preemptive in 2016, which has resulted in a truly wonderful synergy between a technology entrepreneur and a health service provider.  Preemptive changed our Agency by creating our first App. They have developed an app for the Community Withdrawal Support Services that is easy for our staff to navigate, while improving client engagement, lowers risk and increases worker efficiency.

Heather Kerr
Executive Director – Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

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