Get connected with the Internet of Things (IOT).
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Expand your insight into your business with the smart sensors and the Internet of Things (IOT).

Visualize and manage your facilities with a wide range of internet-connected systems and sensors.


Manage security

Easily maintain security on across all your facilities with IOT connected sensors that let you know every last detail.

Keep it comfortable

Never wonder again about where energy is being used, and how. Gain insights to power consumption with temperature sensors, air quality monitors and more.


Track your assets

Take the guesswork out of asset management with options specifically for GPS tracking, cargo tracking etc.


No more surprises!

Get instant alerts to issues at any of your sites. Solutions include water leaking and pipe damage to environmental situations such as rain levels and wind speed hazards.

IoT Partners

Our use of Preemptive has not only made us more effective and efficient in our facilities operations, but is has made the process for our managers so easy via the use of their smart phones that they have far greater ownership in the upkeep of their locations, and are seeing faster response times.

Mark Bingeman

President, Bingemans

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