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Lab Management

Manage your lab’s complex needs with robust and customizable software.

Manage equipment bookings

  • Enable equipment bookings for staff or students
  • Allow scheduling across various departments
  • Block time as needed

Track repairs in real time

  • Notifications of repair status
  • Assign to qualified maintenance teams on site
  • Understand trends in equipment repair requirements

Preventative maintenance checklists

  • Set up detailed checklists for each piece of equipment
  • Follow and comply with manufacturer standards
  • Understand and prevent roadblocks

Lab maintenance

  • Assign teams to various areas of lab maintenance
  • Update and request repairs from personnel
  • Notify staff of issues as they arise

As a lab manager, Preemptive has helped enormously in keeping on top of maintenance routines, booking resources by users and billing. I especially like the checklist option where users must go through a set list of instructions while using the instrument. It allows me to check to make sure important steps have been followed. the cell phone app allows everyone to stay on top of lab operations.

Jenn Coggan

Laboratory Coordinator, University of Waterloo

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