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Property Management

Stay on top of your property maintenance needs and reporting requirements easily and with complete transparency.

Manage multiple property maintenance requirements

  • Assign and prioritize maintenance or repairs across properties
  • Book common facilities and block off for regular maintenance
  • Understand recurring issues to enable action

Reporting and tracking in real time

  • Notifications and updates as they happen from the field
  • Detailed views of progress and requirements for completion
  • Streamline urgent communications with stakeholders

Centralized software to increase efficiencies

  • Create checklists and scorecards to ensure standards are met
  • Track tenant and building complaints with one tool
  • Create access levels to manage accountability

Maintain robust records

  • Capture detailed data for mandatory reporting and dispute resolution
  • Ensure equipment warranty requirements are met
  • Dashboard to facilitate planning and resourcing

With multiple locations and activities the use of Preemptive has made the job of oversite in all areas far more effective and faster to see where potential issues may reside.  Our ability to measure efficiency and performance has lifted everyone’s game.

Mark Bingeman

President, Bingemans

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