Case  Study: Second Cup Company Inc.

Preemptive helps manage operations across 220 locations.

Case Study
Second Cup Company Inc.

Luxury Premium Café brand with over 220 locations, in 32 countries




Executive Summary

Second Cup believes, that operating as one of the largest international specialty coffee retail brands necessitates exceptionally exacting standards for the experiences of each and every customer. They have found that the challenges to maintaining those high standards across over 220 international locations have been made exceedingly easier through their use of the Preemptive system. Preemptive has assisted them in efficiently managing consistency throughout their global network.

  • Easier to manage multiple locations’
  • Ensure top quality operations
  • Deliver results and feedback quickly

The Situation

Prior to utilizing Preemptive, Second Cup would manage the operational upkeep of their locations globally at the regional level in coordination with each regional partner individually using the old paper method. This process was difficult to track and maintain as they grew scope and scale; as such they needed to find a solution that consolidated all their operational upkeep requirements under one roof. The solution they found was Preemptive.

As a business with so many locations across so many countries, it is critical to ensure that each Second Cup, anywhere in the world, is able to maintain the same quality and standards set by the Head Office. This means their onsite managers need to be able to effectively communicate issues and repairs needed within their establishment, and Head Office needs to be able to ensure that all proper procedures are being followed at any given time.

Using Preemptive

The mobile case/work order feature within Preemptive allowed for quick and efficient tracking of all global circumstances across all of Second Cups cafes instantaneously; providing an immediate and positive impact on Second Cups ability to manage global operations standards. Second Cup was able to go from a variety of communication tools to a single, centralized solution. Furthermore, the mobile app provided an efficient means for Second Cup managers to complete regular inspections and audits, both cutting the time required for completion and improving the accuracy of submissions.

Essentially the unified toolkit that Preemptive provides allowed Second Cup to easily manage requests coming from their locations with comprehensive case management and the ability assign personnel to any address any issue, at any time, through a single centralized system.


With a drive to create the ultimate coffee experience for their customers, Preemptive has helped achieve a dramatic increase in efficiency of communication between all of Second Cups international locations, and further provided their network of franchisees -spanning 32 countries- a powerful tool and means of communicating target operational situations with their Head Office.

“We worked with Preemptive team on digitalizing some processes for our international operations, Preemptive demonstrated a thorough understanding and worked on customizing a solution that has exceeded the expectations and improved efficiencies on multiple levels. Very pleased with the outcome.”

Wael Chehade
Director of Business Development, Second Cup International