Case  Study: Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Finding the synergy between healthcare and technology.

Case Study
Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

A continuum of not-for-profit treatment services to men and women with chronic and acute drug and alcohol addictions including co-occurring mental health issues.

Guelph, Ontario


Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Executive Summary

As a not-for-profit managing almost a dozen addiction and mental health programs, the management team needed a solution to help manage their staff effectively, while lowering risk and increasing client engagement to provide better treatment. Preemptive has allowed Stonehenge Therapeutic Community to:

  • Receive instant client feedback
  • Increase worker efficiency and communication
  • Deliver an easy to use, collaborative environment for staff and clients to communicate through

The Situation

Managing a not for profit can be challenging, on a good day. With the sensitive information pertaining to clients in one of many of Stonehenge’s programs, communication is key. Prior to Preemptive, the workers at Stonehenge Therapeutic Community relied on a myriad of communication methods – notes, emails, staff meetings – to try and keep each other up to date on client progress..

On the client side, prior to Preemptive, there wasn’t a straightforward method to communicate easily, track progress and get instant access to critical resources.

Using Preemptive

Communication instantly became easier with Preemptive. Staff were able to gain insights and feedback from clients, and able to communicate with the whole team more efficiently.

On the client-side, the simple interface and resources empowered clients to be more proactive in their programs.


Preemptive has helped Stonehenge Therapeutic Community find a synergy between healthcare and technology. By making communication channels more direct and easy to access, both staff and clients feel that Preemptive will make a significant, positive contribution to client experience within their programs.

It was a very lucky day for Stonehenge Therapeutic Community when we “collided” with Joseph Puopolo of Preemptive at the WWLHIN Event last year.  An initial “unlikely”, but truly wonderful synergy came about between a technology entrepreneur and a health service provider.  Preemptive changed our Agency by creating our first App.  Our new App for the Community Withdrawal Support Services improves client engagement, lowers risk and increases worker efficiency.  Who could ask for more.  Thanks Preemptive.

Heather Kerr
Executive Director – Stonehenge Therapeutic Community